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Veria Starter Pack Ocean Breeze

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Veria Starter Pack Ocean Breeze

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(Starter Pack consist of one dispenser and one refill)

The Veria was designed with sustainability in mind . . .
• Fewer materials employed
• Recyclable plastics
• No batteries
• Renewable components
• 100% of the refill is recyclable

Fragrance Description:
Reminiscent of a fresh ocean breeze carrying the scent of distant forests and hints of exotic flowers.

Veria Passive Air Freshener
Veria Passive Air Freshener Twin Pack

Refill Fragrances:
Ocean Breeze
Lemon Lime
Apple Berry
Orange Bergamot

Product Information Sheet
Installation Guide


The Veria™Passive Air freshener is about simplicity, advanced engineering and environmental
sustainability. The unique refill load and wick system has been designed to provide a simple to
use alternative to aerosol cans. Veria uses naturally-derived, biodegradable ingredients in all its
refills which are of course, fully recyclable.

Minimal packaging is used at all times and is fully recyclable

Product Life cycle
Raw Materials –                      All materials are ultimately recyclable
Manufacturing –                      A simplified process requiring low levels of energy and no discarded resources
Packaging, transportation –   Minimal impact due to product size and recyclability
Use –                                Reduced impact on air quality when compared with alternatives
Disposal –                           Fully recyclable

The refill is 100% recyclable and is safe to dispose of in regular plastic recycling waste
The dispenser enclosure (ABS) is also fully recyclable

Waste Minimisation
Veria complies well with the principle of minimal waste with no contribution to landfills

Low VOC’s means the Veria is ideal for green building and LEED certification requirements
Refills are compliant to California Air Resources Board regulations which regulate air quality, air pollution’s and VOC emissions