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Adsan Blue Ocean Urinal Screen

SD15484 - Ocean Blue

Adsan Urinal Screens feature excellent splash control with strong effective 30 day airfreshening and deodorizering.

Adsan provides an easy to use indicator system to assist service changes and maintenance.
Adsan Screens freshen up and enhance the urinal and restroom enviromemt for 30 days and more. Adsan’s big plus …contains more than twice the actives as “lookalike’”screens.

Service Indicator – reminds you when to change it … simply pull off the date tabs to remind you when to change it.
Adsan Red Strawberry Urinal Screen

SD15481 - Strawberry Red

Adsan Yellow Lemon Urinal Screen

SD15482 - Lemon Yellow

Adsan Screens saves you money because they are stronger and last longer … twice as long as lookalikes. Long protrusions eliminate urine splash and saves clean up time ….

Adsan Screens eliminates urinal based odours …releases bacteria that consumes bacteria in the urinal.

Yes..100% recyclable!