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Safe Repel Refill pack of 2

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Safe Repel Refill pack of 2

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Pack contains: 2 x 30 day Refills

Safe Repel uses a unique evaporative diffuser that progressively releases the Citronella oil-based formulation the surrounding environment. The Safe Repel dispenser/refill enclosure is fitted to the wall, above head height generally next to a door opening or people are moving. Open the lockable dispenser front and raise until it remains open ready to fit the Safe Repel refill.

Prepare the refill by activating (see instructions) and place it directly into the dispenser. You will begin to smell the Citronella Essential Oil almost immediately. Close down the dispenser front and push in firmly to lock it. The wick diffuser will take up to 45 minutes to wet completely.
Air movement by people moving, doors opening including drafts etc will all contribute to dispersing the diffused essential oil around the room or space. One dispenser is recommended for up 12 M².
The Safe Repel refill will be effective for 30 days or more.