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Airomist PRO 6000 Shot (Bamboo & Green Tea

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Airomist PRO 6000 Shot (Bamboo & Green Tea

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Commercial Grade Air Freshener for use in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

FRAGRANCES: (select above)
Bahama Breeze
Green Apple
Sweet Lime
Bamboo & Green Tea
French Linen

For use in Airomist Air Freshener Dispensers:

Airomist Econo Dispenser
Airomist Digital Dispenser

Airomist® Pro 6000 uses chemistry and physics to lock onto malodour molecules, transforming and neutralising them… eliminating unavoidable odours in the washroom.
Airomist® Pro 6000 thens adds an uplifting, fresh hygienic scent… the signature of a clean, safe and comfortable washroom.
Each 275ml can contains 6000 metered doses. The spray is effective in room sizes up to 170m³ .
Fragrance Descriptions: 

Bahama Breeze  Ardrich_Airomist_Pro_Bahama_Breeze
There’s cool summer refreshment in this tropical blend of pineapple, grapefruit and mango.

Green apple Ardrich_Airomist_Pro_Green_Apple
Crisp granny smith apples blended with citrus and soft peach creating a fruity floral tone.

Lavender  Ardrich_Airomist_Pro_Lavendar
A characterful, unique fragrance of aromatic lavender essence and herbal notes rounded off with genital chamomile and precious woods.

Sweet lime   Ardrich_Airomist_Pro_Sweet_Lime
Sweet lime and Sicily lemon note sweetened by mature currants.

Bamboo & green tea    Ardrich_Bamboo_Greentea
A blend of base notes of fresh bamboo and tea leaf to create this fresh, green scent. / oriental bamboo and tea blended with cumquat & teak

French linen    Ardrich_Airomist_Pro_French)linen
A clean accord with soft subtle back notes of powder and musk. Very similar to fabric softener.

Paris     Ardrich_Airomist_Pro_Paris
A refined, flowery fragrance interpretation of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume. Comprised of mimosa, orange flower, rose, moss, sandalwood, and amber.


Lavender – AC95010, Bahama Breeze – AC95012, Green Apple – AC95014, Sweet Lime – AC95015, Bamboo & Green Tea – AC95016, French Linen – AC95017