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Adsan Bio-Zyme Refill 325ml

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Adsan Bio-Zyme Refill 325ml

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Bio–Zyme Eats away at uric acid deposits while leaving a film on surfaces for ease of cleaning. Reducing costs while keeping washrooms odour free. Deep cleans daily as it flushes through pipe work.

• BioGro Certified
• MPI Approvals
• Dairy Approved
• Septic Tank Approved
• Sanitiser (see MPI approvals)
• Deodorizer
• Wide Spectrum Bacteria Control

For use in: Adsan Pump Sanitiser Dispenser


• Fully neutralises contaminants as a
• biodegradable cleaner
• Non-toxic eliminates odours
• liquifies solids – reduces time and labour
• Enzymes help to degrade organic
• waste materials and removes uric
• scale and acid build up in pipes
• Environmentally compatible –
• 100% organic
• Pleasant fragrance
• Cost-effective